Owner, Artist, & Visionary

Engineer, alchemist, artist, and craftsman, Richard Terry, creator of My Dragon Pets, is a true Renaissance man. Whether working in his home studio outside Houston, TX, or his mobile workshop on the road, Richard meticulously hand crafts each item. Utilizing his artistic talents, extensive knowledge of organic chemistry, and his fine eye for detail, he creates fantasy objects that delight both children and adults alike.

Artist in Workshop

Following a long and successful career in the petrochemical industry, Richard has returned to his first love of whimsical sculpture. He created his first work of art at the age of four. While his peers were out playing ball and getting into other forms of mischief, Richard was sculpting castles, siege engines, and immense miniature warrior armies. This childlike love of adventure and fantasy, combined with a compulsion for fine detail, is reflected in each and every one of his creations.

R.T. Originals is truly a family affair. All design, production, sales and service are performed by Richard, his wife Tyra and their daughter Rikki amongst various other by family members.